Friday, March 16, 2018 // STUDENT SHOW

“Inspired by our own cultural backgrounds and the outcry for expressionism and choice, our Spring 2018 student show juxtaposes wickedness and innocence. Expect to see mysterious colors, edgy silhouettes, and tempting reveals contrasted with airy fabrics and creative texture. Throughout the presentation, we play on shapes, particularly the circle, which has the ability to evolve into a number of silhouettes. The collection also holds surprises for the audience with garments that transform from one thing to another right on the runway.”

SCHOOL: The Art Institute of Charleston, a non-profit art and design college 

ABOUT: The fashion design program at The Art Institute of Charleston provides creatively driven scholars with a hands-on education in pattern-making, color trend analysis, textile selection, fashion production, and beyond. Undergraduates build the confidence, skill set, and work ethic it takes to carve out a career in the highly competitive global world of fashion.

ADDRESS: 24 North Market St.


PHONE: (843) 727-3500

GET SOCIAL: @aicharleston