Pauline Sokol Nakios

Weekly Judge

Lives: New York, New York

Résumé: Pauline Sokol Nakios was born and raised in Charleston. Her family is deeply rooted in the city and Pauline will always call Charleston "home". After graduating from the University of Georgia, she lived in Atlanta for several years, where she started Lilla P, before moving to New York City in 2001. 

The move to New York City put her into the heart of the fashion world. She and her husband Thomas, have built their business, that started on the basic tee, into a full lifestyle collection which is sold across North America and the UK.
Leo & Sage, the Nakios' second brand is a modern collection of highly curated knits and ready to wear with a strong emphasis on luxury fabrications and architectural silhouettes. The introduction of Leo &Sage has allowed Nakios to expand her offerings with luxury fabrications and trend driven silhouettes. 

Pauline and Thomas live and work in the West Village in New York City and have two young boys. They are avid travelers and love exposing the world to their children.

Press: Glamour, InStyle, New York, Charleston, among others

Photograph by Colleen Chrzanowki